1. Rendering of the Project: Design Showroom
  2. Product Touchscreen
  3. Inspiration Touchscreen
  4. Inspiration Touchscreen
  5. Visual Merchandising
  6. Project: Design Showroom
  7. Shopper Journey Strategy
  8. Target Audience
  9. Design & Merchandising Inspiration
  10. Materials & Merchandising Board
  11. Featured Suite
  12. Featured Product
  13. Features & Benefits
  14. "My List"
  15. Attract Screen Storyboard
Project Design Showroom
The “Project: Design” experience is an inspirational, immersive showroom in which new builders or remodelers can plan their new dream kitchen to fit their lifestyle. Designed as a destination for homeowners to collaborate with their contractor or designer and showroom associates, physical and digital touchpoints support interactive discussion and shared experience. This flagship Electrolux display is located within the Ferguson Showroom in Scottsdale, AZ.
  1. Gifter Aisle
  2. Cards, DLC, Games
  3. Rendering of Gamer Aisle
  4. Rendering of Gifter Aisle
  5. Rendering of Gifter Aisle - PROMO
  6. Gamer Aisle
  7. Birdseye View
  8. Gamer Aisle
  9. Gifter Aisle
Big Box Retail Experience
Microsoft asked WD to reimagine the Xbox section at Best Buy to better communicate the product’s story of gaming and entertainment. Best Buy's demographic for gaming consists of both Gifters and Gamers, so we developed a dual strategy to meet the needs of both. The Gifter aisle, located closer to the main drive, simplifies product benefits through graphics and messaging and includes an touchscreen that provides more information. The Gamer aisle centers around the game demo experience, offering more in-depth product benefits and premium accessories.

The reinvented Xbox section is currently being rolled out in more than 30 Best Buy locations across the country.
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Target Next Generation

From the stage at Shoptalk, Target CEO Brian Cornell introduced Target’s newest store redesign plans as part of the company’s commitment to invest billions of dollars over the next three years to reimagine hundreds of existing stores.
Aramark & Kent State University

“Our strategic partnership with Aramark will elevate the student experience and enhance products and services that support healthy campus initiatives that our students want and need.” - Shay Little, KSU VP for Student Affairs.
Smoothie King

"Smoothie King ended 2016 with a 9.1% increase in same-store sales and 100 stores opened, building an extraordinary purpose-driven brand that's an integral part in inspiring people to live healthy and active lifestyles." - Wan Kim, CEO
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  1. Rendering of Lambeau Stadium Homegating Merchandise Display
  2. Lambeau Stadium Homegating Merchandise Display
  3. Lambeau Stadium Homegating Merchandise Display
  4. Lambeau Stadium Homegating Merchandise Display
  5. Lambeau Stadium Homegating Merchandise Display
  6. Title 6
Merchandising Strategy
Tailgating has been a long-standing football tradition, but now 70% of fans say their own couch is the best seat in the house. As a part of their mission to make ​Homegating a household term, the NFL wanted to elevate their retail merchandising strategy. We conducted focus groups to better understand fans' game day mindset. Then, we created thematics that support both the overarching Homegating initiative as well as unique product stories.  The Green Bay Packers stadium pro shop was selected as the first site to test our strategy. 

Since the design, signage and display elements were installed in early October, we haven’t been able to keep the homegating merchandise on the shelves.
- Green Bay Packers Pro Shop Manager
  1. IGT 2.0 Rendering
  2. #IntelGameTime 2.0 Experience
  3. Other Activations
Experiential & Event Marketing
​Laddering to the ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intel Inside = Better Experiences Outside global campaign, our #IntelGameTime experiential marketing concept communicates the power of Intel through digital immersion. We used the HTC Vive VR along with PC gaming to engage casual and enthusiast gameris with single-player and competitive multiplayer experiences that reward prizes.

Across the board, Intel reported double-digit increase in awareness of Intel, perception of Intel as an innovative brand, and purchase intent. Thailand reported it as another record-breaking event. 

See videos below for media buzz.
  1. SmartBoost technology
  2. Retail Display Rendering
  3. Retail Display
  4. Video Brochure
  5. Brochure
  6. Expert Clean Lab Virtual Tour Map
  7. Expert Clean Lab Virtual Tour Video
  8. Sales Team / Customer Excitement Tool
  9. The new Electrolux Laundry with SmartBoost technology
  10. Expert Clean Lab Virtual Tour
  11. Expert Clean Lab Virtual Tour - Swatch Comparison
New Product Launch
One of the challenges with the new Electrolux Laundry line was to communicate their differentiating feature, SmartBoost technology, in a way that is simple for consumers to understand. We conducted focus groups to identify the communication approach that was simplest to consumers. We then created sell-in and consumer-facing materials to support the launch. Activations included:
  • Teaser Video
  • Retail Display
  • Innovation Center Virtual Tour
  • Sales Associate Video Brochure
  • Consumer Brochure
  • Internal Promotional Items
  1. Portrait Gallery
  2. Your Moment in the Spotlight
  3. Your Moment in the Spotlight
  4. Your Moment in the Spotlight
  5. Experience Rendering
  6. Experience Rendering
  7. Experience Rendering
  8. Endcap Experience
  9. Your Moment in the Spotlight
  10. Your Moment in the Spotlight
 Experiential Marketing
Laddering to the ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intel Inside = Better Experiences Outside global campaign, Your Moment in the Spotlight is a brand experience that demonstrates the flexibility and capabilities of 2in1 devices. In this event, local artists draw a portrait of a participant using Intel’s ArtRage app on a 2in1 device. Participants were delighted to have and share their own unique portrait, and they were able to experience first-hand the power and convenience of a 2in1. 

This event was held in numerous countries across the APJ markets. Photos here are primarily from India.
  1. Butterfinger "Barmageddon" Promotion
  2. Butterfinger "Barmageddon" Promotion
  3. Bart Simpson Anniversary Bar Packaging
  4. Wonka Promotion Collateral
  Promotions & Retail
Our team at Ryan Partnership (now Epsilon), we served as promotional and retail agency of record for numerous Nestle brands, including all brands in the candy and chocolate categories. In concert with partner agencies, we contributed to yearly campaign development, then activated that through promotions (across numerous channels) and retail design activations. 

Here are just a few samples of the many promotions and brand touchpoints that we ideated and executed. 
  1. Retail FSI
  2. Delicious Rewards Loyalty Promo
  3. Delicious Rewards Loyalty Promo
  4. Delicious Rewards Loyalty Promo
Promotions & Loyalty
At Ryan Partnership, we were responsible for all things related to Lean Cuisine’s retail promotions and Delicious Rewards loyalty program. From yearly holistic planning with the brand team to bridging tactical partnerships, I worked with our account and creative teams to strategize effective programs, promotions, and tactics that would resonate with our target market, sell product, and encourage brand loyalty.  
  1. New Lower Everyday Prices
  2. New Lower Everyday Prices
  3. New Lower Everyday Prices
Retail Campaign Concept
At Ryan Partnership (now Epsilon), we created a campaign filled with simple, memorable ways to announce New Lower Everyday Prices. Although this is good news for the shopper, it’s not a unique or ownable message, so our challenge was to find fun ways to deliver the message and stay on-brand for Petco's web, retail, and ambient.